At the Family, Traditions, and Culture Center, you can explore your own family history and find out where you came from. Family history is more than just finding names of ancestors—it’s about uncovering your heritage.

Family, Traditions, and Culture gives you the opportunity to discover your ancestors and heritage, but it takes time, tools, and training. At the Center, you can join classes on Basic Family, Traditions, and Culture, Mexican Research, and others. These classes will show you how to use programs such as, which are powerful tools that you can access at home after you learn how to use them.

Much of the data about your family history has probably been entered into these websites by other users. It is just a matter of learning how to use the websites to link up with your family and heritage.

Start uncovering your family history and connect with your ancestors!

Download and fill out this document as much as you can before coming so that you can get started on your research right away!

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